Birth Card Notes:
Justice / High Priestess

Justice / High Priestess

JusticeHigh Priestess

Imagery — Things to Look at and Contemplate:

    Postures — both seated and facing forward
    (Their actions are in the form of observing thinking, and speaking.
    Both are direct and straightforward.)

    Colors — red, green, purple, gold / blue, white, yellow
    (Outward, passionate, involved vs. inward, calm, withdrawn)

    Clothing — both are robed and crowned.
    (Both are formal, ceremonial, and imperious; public vs. impersonal)

    Symbols —

      thrones and crowns
      (strong conviction of personal authority & correctness)

      pillars and veils
      (guardians and initiators – gateways to the unknown and the hidden)

      sword and scales / scroll and cross
      (sharp & demanding vs. deep & permissive)

    Foreground Figures — blond haired / dark haired (clear vs. obscure)


    Libra (Justice) — balance, the center, no excess, no exaggeration

    Moon (High Priestess) — cyclic, inclusive, nothing left out or rejected


    Analytical vs. Contemplative

    Harsh vs. Gentle

    Loud vs. Silent

Justice and The High Priestess have in common that everything is accounted for. Justice examines everything for flaws in order to find its flawless essence. The High Priestess knows the secret of everything as it is in order to encompass everything.

Justice demands of everything its true nature and essence, with nothing concealed, withheld or distorted. It tirelessly weighs and measures, satisfied with nothing less than the clear, the absolute, and the irreduceable in everything.

Justice is adamant and uncompromising with its sword and scales, loud and clear in its redness, fearless and certain on its throne, guarding the entrance to the temple of the secrets of perfection.

The High Priestess finds what is the same in everything, the secret unifying core hidden in the endless variation of detail. She patiently discovers in all differences what is true, original and undisturbed in everything.

The High Priestess is accepting and inclusive with her scroll and cross, calm and quiet in her blueness, fearless and certain on her throne, guarding the entrance to the temple of final knowledge.

Unintegrated and imperfectly realized, Justice can be given to rage and haste; it can become arrogant and hypercritical, aggrieved and vengeful, or uncertain and vacillating.

The High Priestess can be a conceited know-it-all, moody and taciturn, secret and unapproachable; she can be despairing and lost, or given to excess and careless of consequences.

Together, they dream of the perfect, the ultimate, and pursue it in more than one kind of undertaking. They continuously seek the truth, and in its service they are drawn to esoteric studies and unusual paths.

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Justice / Priestess

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