The Tarot School's
Birth Card Course

There is that about you that never changes, from the time you enter the world with your first breath to the time you leave it with your last. This unchanging energy is caught in a net made of two Major Arcana cards, a numerological matched set we call Birth Cards.

Birth Cards are a record, in tarot symbolism, of the special energetic qualities of the day of your birth. Your Birth Cards are as unchanging as your birthday, and when you know them, you can discover what is and will always be true of you.

Your Birth Cards are tarot's description of the characteristic universal and historical energy of which you are a part and whose imprint you will always bear. If you come to understand the full significance of your Birth Cards, you will know the deepest truth of your individual self. You'll know exactly where and how you fit into the world you inhabit, how to dance in it gracefully, and how to leave it on the best of terms.

(Excerpted from the upcoming Tarot School Birth Card Correspondence Course)

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