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Birth Card Notebook

Birth Card notebook

What are Birth Cards?

Birth Card pairs are fields of energy that define a human life. When you know a person's birth date, you know their Birth Cards, and when you know their Birth Cards, you know the things about them that will never change from birth to death, no matter what happens in their lives.

There are only 12 Birth Card pairs to share among us all, so there will be billions of individuals, each with a unique personality, who share the same Birth Cards. You need to be aware that Birth Cards do not, by themselves, describe an entire human psyche. But they are the beginning, the foundation of a comprehensive understanding of identity. They are like twelve great rivers, each creating a defining environment for the particular beings who spend their whole lives in them.

How do I Calculate Birth Cards?

You can use our online Birth Card Calculator or follow this simple formula.

About these Notes:

What you are about to read are notes, not a finished work. They are an attempt to evoke the mysterious beginnings of human identity from the images and tradition of a single deck of tarot cards. It is doubtful if the originators of either the images or the tradition intended any such thing, but we've done it anyway.

The qualities and ideas contained in the Birth Card descriptions are only approximations. They are neither absolutely accurate nor absolutely true. They are not completely sure of themselves and they don't perfectly describe reality. Still, despite all the criticisms they surely deserve, they are not without merit or value.

The best way to use this notebook is to let it be suggestive. Here and there, its ideas will help solve a riddle or clear up a confusion about why you are the way you are. It can help to shed light on what is murky and unclear about the underlying reasons for the actions, thoughts and feelings of others. Best of all, it can be the basis for acceptance of others as they are, without guilt, blame or judgement.

Once again, remember that these are only notes. They have not been fully validated or explored, and they have not yet stood the test of time. But they are a very good beginning on a long and valuable journey of self-understanding.

In this, as in all things tarot, there is an approach to learning that students of modern tarot have come to honor. That approach applies here.

Take from these notes what you can. Use what is useful in them, and feel free to set aside the rest.

Directory of Birth Card Notes:

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