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One great question, one great answer!

Wald asks interesting questions of interesting people in the tarot community, and Ruth Ann creates 7-minute content-rich videos for you to enjoy. We're starting with Readers Studio instructors, but will be talking with many more tarot authors, deck designers, readers and teachers in the months to come.

Enjoy the videos and feel free to share them with your friends!

Carolyn Cushing (bio)

You are a tarot teacher of long standing, and you have led meditation groups at The Readers Studio for years. You describe yourself as a passionate change-maker and spiritual guide.

I have 3 questions for you, that are related in an interesting way:

  • What do you mean when you say spiritual?
  • Do you think people really change?
  • How is tarot spiritual, and how does it create change?

    Katrina Wynne (bio)

    You are living in a small and intimate community in the middle of the Northwest woods. Your base of operations and the people you deal with most seem to be in that community. But at the same time, you have a worldwide audience. For many people, learning how to access that community, and make it both profitable and enjoyable, represents a challenge of technology, energy and organization. How do you manage that?

    Rachel Pollack (bio)

    You are one of the pre-eminent people in the tarot universe. But you are also a writer, an artist, a teacher, a thinker and a traveller. Do you identify yourself primarily as one or a combination of these, or do you have a secret identity, something we don't know about?

    Jeannette Roth (bio)

    You are connected to tarot in many ways. What is the one thing YOU love about tarot above all others?

    Kooch Daniels (bio)

    Kooch, you are a very successful tarot reader with a strong background in psychology. What role has psychology come to play in your tarot practice and thinking?

    Victor Daniels (bio)

    Victor, you've had a long career as a psychology professor, who has come to work with tarot. What role, if any, do you feel that tarot can eventually play in academic psychology?

    Caitlín Matthews (bio)

    You have spent a professional lifetime with shamanic practice and also with tarot. These are two large and different worlds, each intense and absorbing in their own right. How and where do they intersect for you?

    Nancy Antenucci (bio)

    Some people *think* tarot, some people *feel* it. You dance and act tarot. How is that different from all the other ways to relate to it?

    Mary K. Greer (bio)

    You are well-know for your interest in, and development of, the psychological aspects of tarot. How has that combination of tarot and psychology affected your own personal and professional evolution?

    Sheilaa Hite (bio)

    In addition to being a tarot author and practitioner, you are a very highly effective intuitive. Can you teach someone to be as effective as you are?