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        Astrology in Tarot: The Minor Arcana w/ Wald Amberstone

        • Saturday, May 15, 2021

        The Magic of Astrology in Tarot: 
        The Minor Arcana and Court Cards
        w/ Wald Amberstone

        Cheryl Ryder and the Albuquerque Tarot Tribe
        Meetup are excited to host Wald's newest
        presentation on astrology as it specifically
        applies to tarot.

        This is what he has to say about it:

        Meaning in tarot is many layers deep, and
        each layer is a whole discipline unto itself.
        Qabalah, alchemy, astrology, numerology,
        psychology — all these add their wisdom
        to the knowledge of self and world that
        tarot gives us in such abundance.

        In this class, we’ll look at how the basic
        symbolic elements of astrology fit so
        perfectly into the structure of a tarot deck.
        We'll be looking at how each Minor
        Arcana card fits into the structure of the
        Zodiac Wheel of the Year, the Decans, the
        Modalities of the signs (Cardinal, Fixed,
        Mutable), and how to blend them together
        in tarot readings.

        2 classes for the price of one!

        When you register, you will be sent a
        Dropbox link to the recording of Wald's
        previous presentation on The Magic of
        Astrology in Tarot: The Major Arcana.
        You will also receive a link to the four
        session handouts. 

        Time: 2:30 pm EDT 
        Location: Zoom
        Tuition: $20
        Register at: https://bit.ly/3wqeyNY

        Note: You do not have to join the Meetup
        if you don't want to. Just make sure to
        indicate that the money is for "May 15th
        Wald Amberstone Class"
        in the comment
        section for PayPal or on your check in
        order to get confirmation for this event.

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