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Go deep into the mysteries of the Major Arcana! In our signature Tarot School class style, we'll carefully examine the rich meanings, symbols and imagery of the cards, then we'll solidify your new knowledge with meditations, exercises and practical reading techniques. You'll get a host of fresh interpretations and will look at the Tarot with new eyes.

“As a beginner I feel fortunate to have discovered you. Your Major Arcana course is fantastic, so much deeper and richer than any of the books I've been reading. I feel like your course teaches the cards from the inside out while the books are so superficial in comparison. As soon as I finish one lecture I find myself looking forward to the next one. They are quite addictive!

I plan to use your Minor Arcana download to complete my overview of the deck, so you'll be hearing from me again soon. Thanks so much for creating these wonderful resources!”

— Lisabeth Polouski

Over 34 hours of instruction!

    The Fool
    The Magician
    The High Priestess
    The Empress
    The Emperor
    The Hierophant
    The Lovers
    The Chariot
    The Hermit
    The Wheel of Fortune
    The Hanged Man
    The Devil
    The Tower
    The Star
    The Moon
    The Sun
    The World

victrola GOLDEN OLDIE: The sound quality of these vintage recordings is poor but the material is rich with information.

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NOTE: When you purchase this course, you will receive a .pdf document containing the link to a password-protected page where you may download all the classes in mp3 format.

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