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Vol. 15 #8 August 1, 2023

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- Welcome 
- Tarot Tip: Client Confidentiality
- Wald's Words of Wisdom
- Diviner's Corner: Psychic Art

- Meet the Reader: Jen Sankey
- Best Practices: AI: Helpful or Hurtful to Small Business?

- Upcoming Events
Welcome to a new issue of Tarot Tips!
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Writer's Block

Every month, I get to this point of writing
the introduction to Tarot Tips and just
freeze. I simply don't know what to say.
I'm not a blogger. I don't write commentary.
My life isn't particularly exciting either.
Somehow I manage to come up with
something but it's an uphill struggle.

This month, I tried doing something, which
led to something, which in turn led to
something else. Ultimately, I decided to
share the process. Perhaps you'll find it

My idea was to pull a card to get an idea of
something to write. When I read for others,
I have them choose a number from 1 to 10
in order to find the starting place in the
deck. It brings their energy into the
process, and the number itself informs the
reading. I chose the number 8 because on
the Tree of Life, it's the place of intellect
and I needed some intellectual stimulation.

After shuffling, I turned over the 8th card.

The Emperor. 
I stared at it for a long time. 
I know tons of stuff about this card but was
drawing a complete blank. Not very helpful.

OK, where could The Emperor lead me?
Maybe I'd find something there.

I found a lesson that Wald had written on
The Emperor and started reading it. (You
can use any resource you have about
whatever card you pick.)

I stopped at what he wrote about the Hebrew
letter associated with The Emperor:

"The hidden meaning of the letter Heh is
passage. Heh is the passage between the
inside and the outside of everything. It is
the means of access to every secret, and it
is what connects the secret and the plain
meaning of everything."

After contemplating this lovely passage,
I realized that in addition to its spiritual
implications, it is a perfect description of
the creative process.

And here we are. 

I hope you enjoy this month's issue! 

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Wishing you joy along the tarot path,
Ruth Ann, Wald, Gina and Sharonah

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Counseling Tips with Katrina Wynne, M.A.

by Katrina Wynne, MA, CTM, CTI, CLC

Confidentiality is more than just keeping
secrets in our work as Tarot consultants.
It’s a deep respect for the querent’s
personal life and establishes a boundary
that creates a safe container for the
content of the session.

Clients have a right to privacy, whether
they are a family member, friend, free or
paid client, famous or not. Privacy includes
their name as well as the content of their
session with you. The exception is when you
have been given specific, preferably
written, permission from the client that
defines what can be shared, how and with
whom, and for a certain length of time.

A protected exception to confidentiality is
when, as the reader, you receive supervision
from your mentor in order to review issues
that you encountered and wish to learn from.
In this case, no name is used, but the
essential details of where you got stuck can
be shared in a respectful way, knowing your
mentor shares your values for confidentiality
in this work.

Duty to Protect
Professional counselors have a duty to
report when they are told by their client
that they have either suicidal or homicidal
plans. Please note, there is a significant
difference between a causal expression, such
as “I wish I were dead.” and reporting an
actual suicidal plan that includes a date,
method, and other such thought-out details,
usually delivered with a flat affect. This
rule also includes hearing of child abuse,
and in some places, elder abuse. Yet, how
you report it can vary. My preference is to
encourage the client to report it that
moment, with my support, rather than going
behind their back.

Referral List
It is essential to have a list of resources
who you feel are qualified professionals
when issues or needs arise that extend
beyond your “Scope of Practice.” This
may include: medical, mental health,
financial, legal, etc. For example, if a
legal issue is broached in the reading and
you’re not a legal professional, have local
or online resources you trust and can pass
on to your client.

Code of Ethics
I recommend that you establish a “Code of
Ethics” to share with potential clients,
both verbally before making their
appointment, and posted on your website or
other promotional materials. Here’s a link
to mine as an example…

I hope this brief “Counseling Tip” has been
helpful. Please feel free to contact me with
questions you may have from my expertise as
a professional counselor.

These guidelines are excerpted in part from
my book, An Introduction to Transformative
Tarot Counseling

About Katrina: 

Katrina Wynne, MA, CTM, CTI, CLC

Katrina Wynne, MA, CTM, CTI, CLC
is an internationally renowned Transformative
Tarot Counselor™ and trained psychotherapist
with close to 50 years’ experience living the
wisdom of Tarot.

Contact Katrina at:  - website - weblog - podcast


 Wald's Words of Wisdom
            At the interface between symbolic images and human reality, things begin to get really interesting! The further you go beneath the surface, the truer this becomes.  ~ Wald Amberstone


Diviner's Corner

Psychic art by Madge Gill
Artwork by Madge Gill

Beyond the realm of crystals, Ouija boards,
and tarot cards lies an intriguing avenue
for spiritual contact: psychic art. This
unique form of artistic expression,
encompassing painting, drawing, sketching,
and sometimes sculpture, is deeply rooted in
the spiritualism movement and continues to
captivate both creators and patrons to this day.

At the core of psychic art lies the belief
that it is divinely inspired or channeled
directly from spirit guides or entities.
Some gifted mediums employ art as a method
to communicate with the deceased or to give
life to angels and a group known as the
Ascended Masters through their artistic

Spiritualism, as a philosophical and
religious movement, revolves around the idea
of communing with discarnate beings—entities
that exist outside the physical realm. This
concept traces back to a long-held belief
that communication with higher beings, such
as gods or spirits, would grant humanity
access to superior knowledge, unattainable
through conventional means. It proposes that
these spiritual beings are more evolved and
possess insights that ordinary humans cannot

One fascinating aspect of psychic art is
automatic drawing, where the spirit controls
the hand and body of the medium artist
during the creative process. Such instances
of automatic drawing and writing often occur
while the artist is in a trance or a state
of unawareness. A notable figure in the
world of spiritual art, Georgiana Houghton,
was believed to have been guided by spirits,
including disincarnated family members and
the spirits of Renaissance artists.

Throughout history, psychic art has served
as a means of communication during seances
or as a divination tool where the artist
provides a drawing to the seeker after the
session. This practice deepens the
connection between the spiritual and
material worlds, offering seekers a glimpse
into the unseen dimensions.

The rise of spiritualism in the 1840s
greatly influenced numerous artists who were
drawn to explore the phenomenon in their
work. Drawing spirits believed to be present
during seance sessions became a direct focus
of many artists, either due to their own
experiences with mediumship or as a
reflection of the prevailing societal
interest in the topic.

To delve deeper into the fascinating world
of psychic art, one must recognize the
diverse range of artists who have
contributed to this mystical field. Some
well-known artists associated with psychic
art include:

Georgiana Houghton: A pioneering figure
in the realm of spiritual art, Houghton's
artworks were believed to be guided by
spirits, and she even included annotations
explaining the spiritual significance of her

Madge Gill: An English mediumistic artist
known for her intricate and highly detailed
drawings, believed to have been inspired by
her spirit guide, Myrninerest.

Hilma af Klint: Although not directly
associated with spiritualism, af Klint was a
Swedish artist whose abstract paintings were
considered ahead of her time, and she often
expressed a connection to the spiritual
realm in her journals.

Augustin Lesage: A French miner turned
mediumistic artist who claimed to receive
guidance from spirits, leading him to create
large and intricate artworks.

To further explore the topic, there are
several resources available for study:

•  The Spirits' Book by Allan Kardec: An
essential work in the study of spiritualism,
this book presents a comprehensive
philosophy based on teachings from spirits.

•  The Afterlife Experiments by Gary E.
Schwartz: This book delves into scientific
experiments on afterlife communication,
including the use of mediums and psychic art.

•  The College of Psychic Studies: Founded in
London in 1884, this institution offers courses,
workshops, and resources on various aspects of
psychic and spiritual development, including
psychic art.

•  Museums and Art Galleries: Visiting
exhibitions or permanent collections that
feature psychic art can provide valuable
insights and a firsthand experience of the

Psychic art offers a mesmerizing bridge
between the tangible and intangible,
allowing artists and seekers alike to explore
the depths of the spirit realm through the
strokes of a brush or the lines of a sketch.
Rooted in the spiritualism movement, this
art form continues to thrive, captivating
individuals with its enigmatic allure and
profound connection to the unseen worlds
beyond. Whether divinely inspired or a
product of automatic drawing, psychic art
invites us to contemplate the mysteries that
lie just beyond the veil of the physical world.

We’d love your suggestion or submissions
for this column! If you have an idea or would
like to contribute, please contact us at


Meet The Reader

By Sharonah Rapseik, Ph.D., CMAP

Jen Sankey

Jen Sankey is a tarot reader, witch, teacher
and author for Llewellyn Worldwide. She
is based in the New Jersey/New York area,
where she does readings internationally for
private clients, group and corporate events,
both in person and virtually via Zoom.

Jen's goal as a tarot reader is to help
others find their own answers, rather than
simply telling them what she sees. Jen
believes that everyone has the ability to
tap into their intuition and find their own
truth and her role is comparable to a "tarot
tour guide", helping others to explore their
own inner wisdom and create the life they

Sharonah Rapseik:
Jen, what makes your tarot practice
unique and how do you express it?

Jen Sankey: 
I actually started reading tarot at
fourteen. Even though I had nothing but
the little white book, I connected to my
deck quickly. I used to read stones for
divination too so tarot came second. Later
while working professionally as a nurse,
using tarot was a great way to work through
a rough night and better understand my

My approach to tarot as a life tool sets me
apart from other readers, and I lean heavily
on the practicality of using tarot daily. I
like to make my readings approachable and
my advice easy to integrate into the lives of
my clients. I love the "aha" moments we find
along the way, and my enthusiasm to see
others succeed shows in my work.

Can you tell us a little bit about your
tarot deck, "Stardust Wanderer Tarot"?

It's a 78 card tarot deck based of the
traditional Waite-Smith system where you
follow the story of Mena, "The Fool" on the
deck. She is also our brave adventurer who
embarks on a journey of self-discovery in a
universe where gods and goddesses rule and
space pirates roam.

Along the way, Mena discovers she just isn't
your typical space pirate. She also happens
to be a demigoddess and finds this tidbit
out after discovering her mom is Selene,
goddess of the moon. Her auntie is Hekate.
Her loyal sidekick Poe is a magical
three-eyed raven with a slight attitude who
always steers her in the right direction.
With this passionate bunch, we see how
change is inevitable but also can be
embraced and molded to create the destiny
we deserve.

Thank you Jen, it’s been a pleasure
to meet you!


To follow Jen Sankey:





To Listen to Replays of Jen's Podcast:

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Jen's Stardust Wanderer Tarot:



About Sharonah:

Sharonah Rapseik 

Sharonah Rapseik is an Artist / Designer,
Author, Tarot Reader, Radio Host and
Producer for Psychic Talk Radio.

Visit her at:

Best Practices for Professional Readers

By Gina Thies  / /

Time to stand, time to order more detergent,
time to sleep, time to breathe. These are
the commands of artificial intelligence, not
a directive from me. I have to admit when I
hear AI (artificial intelligence) I think  ––
Skynet! (For those of you that have not seen
the movie Terminator, I might be dating

I have worked in technology for most of
my adult life and have seen its evolution. 
I grew up watching the Jetsons and thinking
it would be so cool and convenient to have a
robot do everything. I recall being told that
computers would create less paperwork,
saving trees and simplifying tasks. They
would create a life that would be much, much
easier, freeing us up to do more meaningful
things like, well, like.. 

I’m sorry, working in communications and
technology has made me busier than ever
because of the human resources aspect.

Did you know that the average cost of a
smartphone or decent computer cost about
$1200-$1600 and is only used for a fraction
of what it is capable of doing? I have found
the more automated I have tried to make my
website or to get clients to book online,
the more frustrated some become when they
have to do that. It is just easier for regular
clients to just text me. 

I do it too, I call my doctor or schedule my
nail appointments by calling them. I hate
that my nail tech wants me to book through
her online portal. She is very busy with a
nail brush; it doesn’t occur to clients that
she is unable to juggle answering the phone
to look for available times and paint nail
designs at the same time. She, as the
business owner, wants an intelligent system
to streamline her business and create more
appointments. I want the personalized
experience of talking to her.

Artificial Intelligence has already taken
over whether we like it or not. For sole
proprietors, it can help in responding to
client inquiries. Think about calling a
customer service number and the automated
voice tells you that you can say things
like, “I need help with billing” and it
directs your call to the correct department.
That is the AI. It’s getting smarter, too. 

AI can help you with discovering where to
grow your business and it can create content
for marketing. You can use AI in creating
customized offers as it can utilize algorithms
to see what articles your audience clicks on
and what they are looking for when they
visit your website or platform.

Realize of course that every time you turn
on a device, you are being observed,
listened to, recorded and learned from by
AI, and marketed to whether you want to
be or not. I have not seen it yet, but the new
Mission Impossible movie starring Tom Cruise
has been recommended by my mentor. If you
have not immersed yourself in the capabilities
of AI, this movie should apparently be an

The question of whether AI is helpful or
hurtful to small businesses is not a
straightforward one. Like any technological
advancement, AI has its pros and cons. It
promises greater efficiency, personalization,
and growth opportunities for businesses,
especially sole proprietors looking to streamline
operations and engage with their customers
more effectively. However, there are challenges
in fully adopting AI systems, as some clients
prefer the human touch and find it easier to
communicate directly. 

Embracing AI's capabilities can lead to
newfound opportunities, but it should be
done with a thoughtful understanding of
the potential implications it brings to both
businesses and their customers.


•  AI for Small Business: A Beginner’s Guide

•  How AI Technology Can Positively Impact Small Businesses


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