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- Tarot Tip: Psychological Challenges in Tarot:
                   VI The Lovers – Codependence
- Wald's Words of Wisdom
- That's Cool!: Divination Divided Layouts Book
- Diviner's Corner: Oenomancy

- Meet the Reader: Mary Brown
- Best Practices: Understanding Your Client's
                            Buyer's Journey Map
- Upcoming Events
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International Tarot Day Logo

Once upon a time long ago, someone decided
there should be a special day for celebrating
the tarot each year. Understandably, they
chose their birthday. But the years passed,
its stewardship changed, and it mostly fell
by the wayside.

Then one April a few years ago, one of its
former enthusiasts decided that the idea
should be dusted off, polished up, and set
free for the new, burgeoning tarot

And so, Beth Owl’s Daughter declared
April 1 to be an International Tarot Day,
in honor of The Fool, of course!

Her intention is to establish this as a
light-hearted day of appreciation, with the
hope that All Fool’s Day will become an
annual event commemorating the magic and
beauty of the cards we all know and love.

It’s a time when we can express our
interest, our gratitude, and the celebration
of the tarot in a generous, no-strings way.

Because Tarot deserves its own day,
don’t you agree?

To join the merriment, visit Beth’s blog -
and enter the drawing for some great prizes,
including a FREE copy of our Birth Cards

The contest opened on March 31, and will
close promptly at 6am Eastern time,
Saturday, April 2. Winners will be announced
on Sunday, April 3. Additional details are
on Beth’s site. Good luck!

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Tarot Tip

by Katrina Wynne, MA, CTM, CTI, CLC

You’ve heard, or even experienced this
story…a Tarot client cries on your shoulder
and tells you about how much they love
someone, but something is not quite
right…they ask the cards…“What’s wrong
with X?”…in other words…fix them.

You may have your personal ethics about
whether to read for those who are not
present for the reading, but to tell you the
truth, the client’s issue has nothing to do
with anyone other than themself…the one
who came in for guidance.

VI The Lovers has a great deal to teach us
about relationships and typical scenarios
like this one, the “Shadow” side of the

Co-dependence is one of the relationship
issues that is quite common. When one
partner feels like their life does not have
meaning without the object of their love,
or when their self-esteem or identity, their
life force, is dependent upon the attention
of the other, these are danger signs.

Here are some of the red lights to look for
with your clients:

1. Poor self-esteem or depression

2. Lacks boundaries, manipulation

3. Enmeshment & dependence

4. Enabling others

5. Anxiety, jealousy, “victim”

6. Self-abuse – substances (food, drugs) 

7. Abuse by other (mental, physical, sexual)

8. Insecure Attachment Style

Typically, there are continuous ups and
downs, or a push-pull dynamic, between the
couple, thus the need for repeat visits for
consulting the cards.

• As a reader how can you help these

First, I would evaluate my “scope of
practice” and determine whether to refer
the client to a mental health professional,
especially if you see signs of abuse.

If this is a mild case, the focus is best
placed upon the client and their well-being,
asking for guidance from the cards that
strengthen their self-esteem, supports
self-love…which increases one’s

• What if the client still wants to fix
  the other person?

Then, my friend, you may need to check your
own boundaries and ethics. Is the focus on
providing information, or manipulation?

On a more personal note…is it an act of
codependence to rely on repeat clients who
are clearly stuck in patterns of abuse, mild
or severe? You see, The Lovers has lessons
for readers as well, and as it is said,
“Healer heal thyself.”

We live in a world where popular movies
romanticize enmeshed and codependent love
stories, so no wonder we are confused about
the real experience of love. I hope your
personal journey with Tarot has brought you
clarity, so your light can shine for others.

About Katrina:

Katrina Wynne

Katrina Wynne, MA, CTM, CTI, CLC
is an internationally renowned Transformative
Tarot Counselor™ and trained psychotherapist
with close to 50 years’ experience living the
wisdom of Tarot.

Contact Katrina at:  - website - weblog - podcast


 Wald's Words of Wisdom
            Every card in tarot offers you its own unique way forward, and you can choose the one you feel you want, or need, or must travel. A knowledge of the cards on the deepest level available to you will help you choose your path.


That's Cool!


Divination Divided by Karin Dalton-Smith

When I was young, one of my favorite
books was a mixed-up animals flip book.
The pages were divided into horizontal
sections that you'd flip to make crazy
creatures such as one that had the head
of a monkey, the body of a tiger, and
the feet of a duck. It was so much fun!

The ever-creative Karin Dalton-Smith
has adapted that idea and made a book
of tarot spread layouts! This is what
she says about it:

"This book is unique that it has the dividing
line cut through the middle so you can mix
and match whatever layouts you choose.
I have designed and created this book of
spreads so you have 900 layout combinations.
I have left blank spaces on the back of each
page for you to also write in your own
layouts. If you write in your own then you
have a book with 1800 combinations.

It can be used with ANY divination cards such
as Tarot, Lenormand, Tea cards, Gypsy,
Kipper etc. You can even use charms, coins,
runes, stones or bones. The list is endless."

For a preview of this book visit this link:

Be sure to check out Karin's website for
this and other wonderful divination
creations, including her award-winning
sTEAmpunk Tea Leaf Fortune Telling Cards.



Diviner's Corner

spilled wine

by Lizzie Burgess

I absolutely have a different colder night
idea for you when our activities can be
limited (in Winter, in limited resources, 
and in energy). I feel that it’s an easy
practice to try at home. Oenomancy
(pronounced en-oh-man-see) is an ancient
way of divination similar to tasseomancy/
tea-leaf reading but by using wine.

Scrying into the glass itself, or by reading
the sediments, or even by looking over
spilled wine on a napkin/table – you look
for shapes, symbols, any intuition you get.
By interpreting these, you can divine
answers to questions or even potentially
predict future events.

Oenomancy is a form of hydromancy;
water-based scrying (like hydatoscopy,
which is great with rainwater). And what
is scrying, you may ask? Simply put,
gazing at an object for imagery/messages
and divining answers/the future through
symbolism, shapes and movement.  

It’s a great low key divination because
you can simply be enjoying a drink in
the bath (for those with low energy) or
if you are surrounded by people (for
those in the closet but want to receive
an answer quicker than waiting to be
alone). I like to use oenomancy for colder
evenings in front of a fire, in bath rituals,
as part of Sabbat celebrations, and with
intention candles for their outcomes.


Oenomancy Ritual (Wine Scrying)

You will need:

• Your choice of wine (non-alcoholic, low-cal,
expensive, super-extra merlot, or whatever
floats your boat) in a clear glass

• Your choice of music in the background
(I recommend 432hz for focus and intuition.)

• Pen, paper or your notes page on your
phone (to jot down any ideas that come to
you for research and reflection later)

• A candle positioned safely behind your
glass (so you can see the light through 
and around the wine in the glass)

• Prepare an affirmation to speak aloud
(such as “I can understand unknowable
things”, “If things are hard to process,
I can take it”, “My intuition guides me
to a deeper understanding,” etc.)

• A plate or large piece of paper for

• Washed clean hands

1.  Cleanse, protect and ward the space that
you’ll be working in. I may be secular, but
I’m also not one to take risks.

2.  Ground yourself so that you remain
focused on the task at hand; if you feel
yourself getting too distracted, maybe take
a break and try another time.

3.  Put your music on, get settled somewhere
comfortable, light your candle & pour
yourself a glass.

4.  State aloud an intuition affirmation.
When you feel your personal power build,
that is when you are ready to receive messages.

5.  Spend some time noting the colours, the
smells, even the symbolism on the label.
Take a sip, explore the flavours and see if it
reminds you of a place or person. During all
this take notes, even if it doesn’t make sense
to you in the moment.

6.  Continue to enjoy your drink and if you
choose, dip a clean finger in your drink,
allow a drop or two to fall onto a plate
to create more shapes or symbols.

7.  When you feel it is time to stop, snuff
out your candle giving thanks to the
universe/spirit guides/deities/yourself for
working on this. Then research what your
notes mean! Ecosia & Google search engines
are a blessing, but there are many divination
meaning books out there you can read or
download. You are also always welcome to
reach out to me if you feel like you’d enjoy
a conversation to explore these themes deeper!

8.  Whilst it is important to enjoy yourself,
please drink responsibly.

About Lizzie:

Lizzie Burgess

Lizzie Burgess has been making divination
accessible for those on low budgets, with
low energy and those who want to keep
their spirituality low key. She provides
divination experiences for insight, ideas
and innovation to professional witches
worldwide and offers free resources on
her website:

We’d love your suggestion or submissions
for this column! If you have an idea or would
like to contribute, please contact us at


Meet The Reader

By Sharonah Rapseik, Ph.D., CMAP

Mary Brown

Mary Brown is the Vice President of the
Tarot Guild and Director of Communications.
She is a radio personality on the "Psychic
Talk Radio Network," and has interviewed
some of the biggest stars in Hollywood as
an entertainment journalist. Her monthly
column, "Unveiled ... with Mary Brown"
is available exclusively on the Tarot Guild
website. She is a Tarot Guild Certified
Tarot Master, a Crystal Reiki Master, and
is the “creatrix” of the upcoming "Tarot
History Mystery Game."

Sharonah Rapseik:
Mary, what makes your tarot practice unique
and how do you express it?

Mary Brown:
I incorporate crystals into my Tarot
practice.  They are always on my tarot
table.  How and why they got there to
begin with I can't say for sure, but it feels
intentional.  I keep crystals in the bags
that I keep my "working" Tarot decks in,
for obvious reasons. Really, it is just my
way of greeting new decks. I gift them a
crystal as a "housewarming" gift.  I know
what it's like to be the new kid in the
neighborhood and I want them to know
they're welcome.

My Tarot clients often ask me for
suggestions of crystals that might help
them. There is always a crystal that fits
the bill, no matter what their situation is.
In fact, I do a monthly radio show on the
Psychic Talk Radio Network called,
"There's A Rock For That!" where I explore
the history, folklore, metaphysical properties,
and healing applications of crystals. My
show airs the first Saturday of every month.

I love to create “Crystal Helper” kits that
I bring with me to psychic fairs and events,
and I love gifting crystals to people I meet.  
They always bring a smile and evoke
curiosity, and sometimes that is exactly
what is needed at that moment.

Tarot is helpful to me when it comes to
choosing the appropriate stone for clients.
Someone benefits from a crystal in much
the same way as they benefit from a Tarot
reading. On some level, they have to choose
to absorb it to a certain extent. They may
be fine without it, but they might be even
better if they open up to the information
and feelings of the crystal. Regardless of
their choice, they must make their own
decisions. They consult me. I suggest.
They decide. 

Crystals and Tarot are both enriching and
fascinating roads on which we can journey,
and for me, the paths intertwine.

I am honored to be part of the continuum
of stone guardians and crystal healers
stretching across millennia, and a link in
the amazing chain of Tarot readers spanning
centuries. Tarot is my central practice and
crystals make it rock!

Sharonah Rapseik:
Thank you Mary, it’s been a pleasure to meet you!


To follow Mary:

Blog Talk Online Radio: 


About Sharonah:

Sharonah Rapseik 

Sharonah Rapseik is an Artist / Designer,
Author, Tarot Reader, Radio Host and
Producer for Psychic Talk Radio.

Visit her at:

Best Practices for Professional Readers

By Gina Thies  / /

How well do you know your clients?
You may know or learn details of their lives
from sessions where they have shared intimate
details about their life’s journey. These
details could be the key to understanding
how to find similar clients and future
opportunities to expand your business.

The details of why they are using your
services becomes important for content
creation for your website or social media
outlets. When a new client books an
appointment with me, I always ask how
they found me or what led them to me.
Discovering how clients became aware of
your services is essential to understanding
how they found you from the start.

You have to think in terms of a buyer's map.
This is the path that consumers take in the
journey to purchase a product or service. It
begins with what they know or want to know
about what they intend to purchase. This
means an inquiry via yes –– you’ve guessed
it –– search engine queries, referrals,
inquiries, and previous experiences with a
similar product or service. Most people
might chance spending on something that
doesn’t break the bank, but may spend more
if it truly meets their needs.

Creating a buyer's journey map will help you
understand strengths and weaknesses in
business growth opportunities based on the
clients you already serve. The map will
provide direction on who to target with your
marketing and to pay more attention to the
path your clients take to find your

Depending upon the model you choose for
your map, there can be four or five stages:

1 - Awareness 
2 - Consideration 
3 - Decision 
4 - Retention 

Some models also include Advocacy. 

In each stage, customers take different
actions, seek additional information, and
may or may not engage with you along the
way. Advocacy is great because this is where
a client will refer you and share with others
what they love about you.

In refining your buyer's journey map you
will be able to cast not just a wider net but
attract clients for better conversion as well.


• How To Map the Buyer's Journey
   in 7 Easy Steps 

•  How to Create an Effective
   Customer Journey Map
   [Examples + Template]


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