The Merchant Faire

    The Ever-Popular Merchant Faire Returns!

    The Merchant Faire always boasts an amazing selection of merchants and goodies from the Tarot community and this year is no exception! And to keep the feeling of community humming, we're all in the ballroom. Come ready to shop-'til-you-drop with…

    Robert M. Place — As a well known author and deck designer, Bob will be selling copies of his books and Tarots decks, including his newest deck the Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery and the 4th edition of his classic Alchemical Tarot, along with the new updated companion book, his Vampire Tarot, his New York Lenormand, and a catalog of his Tarot exhibition from the Craft and Folk Art Museum in LA. He will also have prints of his art, and handmade sterling silver jewelry of his own design. He will have copies of the new Burning Serpent Oracle that he conceived of along with Rachel Pollack, and copies of Rachel's companion book for the deck; as well as prints from his newest project with Rachel, the Raziel Tarot. Also he will have copies of his newest oracle deck, The Hermes Playing Card Oracle.

    Robert M. Place designed the fabulous poster for RS16!

    The Readers Studio: April 29-May 1, 2016 — 3 days of intense Tarot learning and fun for Tarot Enthusiasts! Plus an all-day Tarot & Psychology conference on Thursday, April 28th. Produced by The Tarot School.

    Cheryl Ryder— Tarot Reader & Teacher, Hereditary Psychic, Medium, Organizer of the growing Albuquerque Tarot Tribe, and multi-year Readers Studio Tarot Ambassador Team Coordinator makes her first appearance at the Merchant Fair with her hand made tarot jewelry and bags, Native American jewelry, and Shamanic items from Central and South America. Be sure to stop by her table of eclectic items and find your treasure! Cheryl’s husband Marty is making his first visit to Readers Studio as her vendor assistant. (He’s that tall and handsome bearded guy.)

    Paula Chaffee Scardamalia
    — Paula is a creativity coach who offers her unique essential oil in sprays and roll-ons blended especially to support the creative process and shamanic dreamwork, as well as handmade wands, luxurious, colorful handwoven scarves, shawls, and reading cloths, her award-winning book, Weaving a Woman's Life: Spiritual Lessons from the Loom, and her CD, The Tower in the Woods: Dreaming Your Creativity Awake.

    Barbara Bennington
    — New to the Merchant Faire this year, but a long-time fan of The Tarot School, Barbara creates interesting and unusual costume jewelry pieces using (mostly) crystals and natural stones. There are some cool glass beads, cinnabar, and cloisonné beads in there too, but it all has wonderful energy. There will be earrings, necklaces, and her signature “Sticks and Stones” pins…these are versatile stick pins that can be used as hat pins, shawl or scarf fasteners, or as jacket or coat ornaments.

    Mary K. Greer — Mary has spent the last several years studying the lives and practices of professional cartomancers through history. She will have DVDs of her popular Tarot and Lenormand illustrated Webinars, as well as her books and The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination. You will also find classic and unusual Lenormand decks and other Tarot goodies here.

    Joanna Powell Colbert—creatrix of the Gaian Tarot, returns as a Readers Studio vendor after being away for a few years. She will be offering one-of-a-kind vintage fortuneteller beeswax collages, limited edition fine art prints from the Gaian Tarot as well as a new oracle-deck-in-progress, very possibly a new majors-only tarot deck (ssh! top secret!), plus a few surprises. Come by her table to see what's been brewing in her creative cauldron!

    The Metaphysical Cat — Julia Bonisteel, Candle Maker (aka “The Cat”) is thrilled to be a part of the RS15 Merchant Faire!

    Each candle has been designed carefully following the ancient tradition of hand pouring candles. Julia has been crafting candles for over ten years, working with all natural Soy wax, pure essential oils and a touch of fragrance oil to enhance scent throw. The Metaphysical Cat works with the intent to “tread lightly” upon Mother Earth.

    Each Major Arcana Candle is completely unique aligned with the Elemental, Astrological, and Magical properties associated with each powerful tarot card. Reiki Charged and created with only the highest intention, these candles will bring to life your love of the mystery and magic of the Tarot.

    Imagine being able to alight the essence of your favorite card and bring it into your home or Sacred Space! A powerful addition to any Ritual Work, Card Reading, or Special Celebration honoring a particular loved one in your life.

    HeartSync™— the Distributor Program for Corporate Tarot, Inc. is pleased to announce a series of products specifically designed for the Professional Tarot Reader. Sold at reasonable prices to allow readers to resell to their clients, products include:

    Wear Your Deck™: A line of comfortable mesh cloaks, vests and accessories that allow you to customize your outfit with meaningful, magical tokens including Tarot Card(s), Oils, Stones, Mandalas, Casting Objects, etc. Wear the magic hidden inside or fully displayed for all to see.

    Non-imbued Wands: A series of beautiful, affordable wands that are not imbued with spells. Imbue your own magic and resell to deserving clients.

    RS16 Grab Bags: In appreciation to Readers Studio, we invite you to select a $5 or $10 Grab Bag of lovely, wearable magic. All proceeds donated to Readers Studio.

    The Corporate Tarot Deck, Aligned with Myers Briggs Personality Types: We are releasing a new Tarot Deck that allows Professional Readers to respond to querent questions using corporate-friendly imagery and language.

    Mandy Little of Bombshell Pinups is is a Tarot Reader, Reiki and sound healer, nationally acclaimed Pinup and fantasy photographer, oil painter and entrepreneur. Mandy is the owner of Bombshell Pinups Photography studio in Mount Holly, NJ, she provided the Moon photo scene last year for attendants to take their photos in. This Year Mandy will be creating a new Tarot-themed photo scene for attendees of RS16 to enjoy and have photos taken in. This Year Mandy will also be a part of the Merchant Faire, with items like home-grown sage bundles, semi-precious stones, quartz candle holders, Tarot cards, jewelry, and more.

    Sheilaa Hite's Tarot CircleSheilaa Hite's Tarot Circle (circle members with Sheilaa will be Winslow Eliot, Louise Rossi, Ralston Edwards) — Among the Tarot- and Astrology-related goodies we will have for sale: Sheilaa's books, CDs and unique Tarot bags; Louise's poetry and latest CDs; information and consultations with WriteSpa Press, an independent author services company; award-winning books by Winslow Eliot.

    Judy Nathan
    — Judy will be back with the 2016 version of her fabulous tarot bags, unique jewellery and those oh so popular, juicy Goddess Bracelets and Necklaces! Also... a surprise or two.

    Kabbalah, Tarot and The Sacred Feminine? Really? Really! Please stop at 'A Word of Art' and say hello to Heather Mendel at the 2016 Merchant Faire. What better venue could there possibly be in which to introduce her new 'hot-off-the-press' 2016 deck, The Sacred Mandala Tarot: Mystery, Magic, Mindfulness and Manifestation? In addition to a panoply of her mandala cards and posters, her earlier books, Dancing In The Footsteps of Eve and Towards Freedom will be available as well as the internationally popular Syzygy Oracle: Transformational Tarot and the Tree of Life and The Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle. Her work, in images and words, offers a portal into the intuitive realm that enriches and empowers daily experience.

    Rachel PaulRachel Paul — Known for her elaborate late-night tarot tent setup at summertime concert festivals, Rachel debuted the Sacred Bridges Tarot, a 78-card peace deck, at last year's Reader's Studio (RS15). This year, she will be will be offering up the one-of-a-kind original paintings from the Sacred Bridges deck, an RS16 exclusive! She will also be offering a colorful glimpse into her carnival world with the delightfully wicked Dark Carnival Tarot and debuting her new for 2016 oracle deck--The Ringmaster's Word! Prints and hand-painted tarot boxes and pouches will be available from the artist. Looking for something one-of-a-kind? Rachel is delighted to hand paint a tarot pouch or box for you on request. See you at the Faire, friends!

    Tara Winstanley / The Timeless Tarot — Drawing from her own well of personal experience from her Tarot practice and readings, Tara eventually felt compelled to design a Tarot deck that combined her love of art, knowledge of the RWS system and Tara's preferred card size (playing card size - 2.5 x 3.5 inches). After a year of creative effort the The Timeless Tarot was born— an eclectic mix of classic paintings, from the fourteenth century through the twentieth century, that closely align and happily coincide with many of the images, symbols, colors and most importantly the feelings of each of the seventy eight cards that are represented in the Tarot. Also available for sale will be Tara's Tarot bags that match the Timeless Tarot deck and her other deck, The NOW Lenormand — a Lenormand-style deck that helps in the process of learning to read the Lenormand divination system.

    Jayni Bloch
    — Unleash a new movement of body-mind-spirit healing with Mirrors to your Soul – Keys to unlock Divine Archetypal Portals. This booklet with accompanying hand-painted watercolor Healing-cards is inspired by the Tarot and ancient Egyptian wisdom that connects you with your Archetypal lineage. This tool gives guidance and clarity about your personal and ancestral Life-patterns and your current life-path. It is a practical modern healing system to support your healing and consciousness.

    The Fool’s Dog,
    electronic publisher of more than 50 Tarot and oracle card apps for iOS and Android devices, will be merchanting at Readers Studio for the first time this year. Caroline Kenner, Mistress of The Fool’s Dog, and her friend Klara will be available to talk about our apps to users and interested deck authors and artists.

    We will also be selling treasures of the nine worlds, including marquetry boxes and vintage jewelry. Rusalka’s Garden at The Fool’s Dog will offer healing salves and solid perfumes freshly hand made with love from 100% natural ingredients in small batches. We will feature magically-charged aromatherapeutic essential oils, and ancient Egyptian style perfume blends.

    Besides our work with Tarot, Caroline and Klara are shamanic healers, priestesses, and Witches. Caroline is a third degree Wiccan priestess of Freyja, and is initiated into two traditions within Wicca, one locally and one in Ireland. She serves as a elder in the Washington, DC magical community.

    Namaste Bookshop, located at 2 W. 14th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues) in New York City, opened its doors on November 21, 2010. One meaning of Namaste is, “I give reverence to the spirit in you which is also in me,” and it is in this spirit that the community is invited in. One of the first comments often heard from a customer is, “Wow, the energy feels so wonderful and inviting here.” The space is small yet the shelves and space are filled beautifully.

    We have a unique and large selection of Eastern & Western philosophy books, “RARE and COLLECTABLE” Tarot books and Tarot cards, Crystals, Deities/ Statues, Pendulums, Calendars, Wind Chimes, Incense, Candles, Flower Essence, Greeting cards, Yoga accessories, Meditation Cushions, instructional & music CDs & DVDs, Salt Lamps, and 20 sections of books — including Spanish.

    The book sections include Buddhism, Yoga/Ayurveda, Mantra/Tantra, Meditation, Astrology, Native American/Shamanism, Divination/Wicca, Ancient Philosophy Bodywork/Reiki, Health & Illness and many more.

    Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.  — Publisher of high quality Tarot/Oracle decks and games, Schiffer will be available to share with you all their new and upcoming products.

    The products will be available for sale, and author signings may be announced as we get closer to this event. Schiffer will also be displaying and selling new projects such as: The Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert and Tarot: Unlocking the Arcana by Angelo Nasios, as well as perennial favorites like the Mary-El Tarot by Marie White and The High Deck: A New Universe of Symbols by Arthur and Wald Amberstone.

    Visit our table to browse, pick up a catalog to take home with you or even talk about your book or deck idea. Schiffer Publishing is always looking for innovative writers and creators who are passionate about Divination and other Mind, Body, Spirit topics. If you are interested in pre-ordering any of our products please contact Chris at and he will be happy to help you with your order.

    The Tarot Garden — There's nothing like oohing and ahhing over your deck wish list in person, which is why The Tarot Garden table is forever a favorite at The Readers Studio. Rest assured, they'll be back in 2014 with a generous (and we do mean generous) selection of popular, imported, small press, limited edition, out-of-print, and rare beauties. One of the perks of being an RS attendee is if you order early, Dan will bring your goodies along so you don't have to wait for your package in the mail! (Just send him an email as the date gets closer.) Dan is so knowledgable about tarot decks, visiting the Tarot Garden table is like having an extra class!

    The Tarot School  — Looking to round out your tarot library? Be sure to stop by The Tarot School table for a great selection of books. Since many authors attend Readers Studio, you can get them autographed, too! Tarot School educational programs are always a favorite, and this year we offer them to you as fully-loaded flash drives, in addition to individual cds and dvds. You'll also find a generous selection of custom-designed totes, tarot bags and more, which you'll find nowhere else.

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