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The 2016 Readers Studio Presenters!

Sasha Graham For Sasha Graham, tarot is life, magic is alive and signs are everywhere if you know how to look.

Sasha embraced the supernatural from her moment of birth on a chilly Halloween night in Saranac Lake, NY. Her eclectic childhood carried her across the country, from dusty pig farms in Iowa, to the craggy canyons of Colorado, from the lush Green Mountains of Vermont, to fertile produce farms of New Jersey.

At seventeen, Sasha was desperate for culture and hungry for urban life. She moved herself to New York City where she remains to this day.

Sasha originated feisty, blood sucking roles a cast member in La Commedia Del Sangue: Vampyr Theatre, a weekly vampire play performed in Gotham theaters, bars and clubs. She would go on star in over fifteen b-horror films, playing gargoyles, werewolves, aliens, more vampires and even a mafia hit woman.

After receiving her BA in Literature and Religion at Hunter College, Sasha began her work with tarot. She joined The Tarot School and opened a private reading practice. Sasha quickly became a sought after reader for the fashion and media set, becoming a staple at Fashion's Night Out and serving clients such as Burt's Bees, M. Missoni and Christian Loubouitin.

Sasha conceived and produced tarot events at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Morgan Library. She brought the tarot community behind the scenes with curators and educators. Rare Visconti, Marseille and Minchiate cards along with uncut Italian card sheets were unveiled. These treasures, previously shuttered in museum archives and unavailable to the public, were examined and considered in a modern context.

Sasha is most proud of her Tarot Outreach Program. Sasha's first ever of it's kind outreach was developed for New York City's at-risk, inner city youth. Working with kids who were transitioning out of the foster care system, Sasha used tarot and symbol as the igniting point of nurturing personal intuition. She taught that trust in oneself can be rebuilt. This trust can be used to empower a population robbed of stability and security.

Sasha and her tarot books have been featured in documentaries and media outlets such s Sirius XM Radio, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily News and featured in the cover of Crain's New York Business. Sasha appeared regularly as a guest on the WPIX Channel 11 Morning News, reading tarot on pop culture topics and celebrities.

Sasha's passion is writing about tarot. She served as author and editor of Lo Scarabeo's Tarot Fundamentals (2015), Tarot Experience (2016) and Tarot Compendium (2017) and has authored Tarot Diva, 365 Tarot Spreads, and the forthcoming 365 Tarot Spells.

Sasha, her husband, and daughter split their time between Manhattan and the eerily gothic, "Jane Eyresque" landscape of upstate New York.

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Once at a party, someone put a tarot deck in Barbara Moore's hands. She's held on tight ever since. Her life has been a crazy-quilt of experiences—beauty school drop-out, theatre geek, stay-at-home wife, history student, editor, academic, Catholic, fundamentalist Christian, Methodist, Nothing, Everything, pagan, shaman—and tarot helps her make sense of the eclectic soup that has been her life.

Not that she wants to make too much sense of things, at least not anymore. Not so very long ago, structure, logic, and a thirst for Absolute Truth drove her life. Now that age is mellowing her, rounding her sharp edges, she is learning to love dancing with mystery, sitting quietly in silence, and admitting that the conscious mind doesn't have to understand something for it to be valuable.

Barbara lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with her wife Lisa and their two dogs, Whiskey and Norman. Every morning, she takes Whiskey for a walk and they play hide and seek with the Divine, finding magic (and burrs) everywhere. She also loves cake, art supplies, summer, traveling, and playing Magic: The Gathering, a few of the things that convince Barbara that the Divine loves us and wants us to be happy.

Since her wife won't be her sugar momma, to earn her keep Barbara spends her days consulting for Llewellyn and Lo Scarabeo, creating decks, writing books, presenting at conferences, reading for clients, and teaching. Her published projects include (in no particular order):

Barbara Moore

  • What Tarot Can Do for You
  • The Gilded Tarot
  • The Mystic Faerie Tarot
  • The Mystic Dreamer Tarot
  • The Steampunk Tarot
  • Tarot of the Hidden Realm
  • Llewellyn's Classic Tarot
  • The Pagan Cats Tarot
  • The Vampires of the Eternal Night
  • The Book of Shadows Tarot, volumes 1 and 2
  • The Pagan Magical Kit
  • Witch Crystals
  • Silver Witchcraft Tarot
  • Cats Inspirational Oracle Cards
  • Enchanted Oracle
  • Tarot for Beginners
  • Tarot Spreads: Layouts and Techniques to Empower Your Readings

    Forthcoming: Tarot Made Easy: Your Tarot, Your Way (a kit for beginners) and Your Tarot, Your Way (book), plus two other decks that she cannot talk about yet or her publisher will be very unhappy.

    Connect with her on Facebook at or through her website:

    Heatherleigh Navarre

    Heatherleigh Navarre is a tarot reader, psychic medium, and meditation coach, and manages the Boston Tea Room in Ferndale, Michigan, a conscious living store owned by her family for over thirty years. Her specialties are tarot, tea leaves, and spirit communication.

    She is also the founder of Middlepath Meditation, and co-founder of the Detroit Area Tarot Guild. An ordained minister, she offers home blessings, wedding, memorial, and baby-naming ceremonies, and leads retreats for groups of 4-60 people.

    Heatherleigh lectures, speaks, and teaches on a variety of topics, throughout Michigan and across the country.

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