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The 2015 Readers Studio Presenters!

Ellen Lorenzi-Prince Ellen Lorenzi-Prince is an artist, poet, mythographer, and spiritual adventuress. Luckily for her, all of these interests can be expressed through the medium of tarot. Her 30-year journey has led her into deep explorations of image and meaning through travels in Italy, Greece, England, and Egypt. She has led a group meditation in the Cave of the Muses at Mount Parnassus and read the cards for non-English-speaking strangers on a train.

She presents her inventive, experiential, and engaging approach to tarot in talks, workshops, and rituals throughout the United States, with venues that include the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, the Q Center in Portland, Oregon, as well as tarot conferences in San Francisco, Dallas, Philadelphia, and New York. Now living in the Pacific Northwest, Ellen's primary focus is the creation of oracles to speak with the soul, the ancestors, and the gods.

Her first deck, the raw and powerful Tarot of the Crone, is now in its second edition. Her majors-only Paleo Tarot looks at how far back in time the archetypes of tarot have spoken to us. Her recent works include the Minoan Tarot, a deck based upon the lively art and culture of ancient Crete, and the Dark Goddess Tarot, a deck celebrating the strength and magic of immortal female figures from around the world. She designs more decks in her head than she will ever commit to paper, including the Portland Traffic Tarot that was everywhere she turned one month, from the Devil in the stoplight flashing Walk and Don't Walk at the same time to the Temperance card in the construction signs advising her to Merge Right and immediately Merge Left, as only the middle way led forward.

Ellen's current projects include a new tarot deck dedicated to the goddess Kali, and the Dark Goddess Lodge, a cyber-sanctuary rooted in the wisdom of the dark goddesses. She looks forward to being part of a fantastic Readers Studio in 2015.

Tarot of the Crone
Dark Goddess Tarot
Dark Goddess Lodge

Theresa Reed Theresa Reed (alias: The Tarot Lady) is an intuitive tarot reader, astrologist, teacher, mentor & yogi with over twenty years of professional experience, industry street cred for miles, and thousands of clients in her digital rolodex. She's devoted to helping people make better decisions & lead happier lives — using Tarot as an instigational tool for confident, bold & emotionally-intelligent action — in life, in love & in business.

She is also on a mission to help spiritual + metaphysical business owners get their acts together, build strong + profitable empires, and experience the freedom they want + deserve. Because as she says: “Running your own business is HOT — and even mystics gots to pay the bills.” Her digital products such as Tarot Business in a Box, Mystical Mogul and The Professional Mystic's Guides are created specially to to help fellow tarot readers and spiritual entrepreneurs start their businesses off right.

In addition to tarot and her digital products, Theresa created a sold out event, The Soulful Proprietor Retreat, a weekend for female heart-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to step up their game and create sustainable businesses on their (soulful) terms.

An avid blogger, her top ranked Tarot blog is the one stop shop for tarot enthusiasts, both newbies and professional.

You can find all the goods and deets at her online hub: or follow her on Twitter @thetarotlady

Carrie Paris

“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.”

Carrie Paris has a passion for divination and spends a good portion of her life investigating how diviners can unlock the artistic expression housed in symbols. She is committed to uniting ancient ceremonial rites and divining traditions with contemporary card culture and often shares her findings at conferences both around the world and through the virtual-sphere.

Carrie was in the first class to receive a Masters in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination from the University of Kent, UK and describes her education as Hogwarts for adults.

She enjoys keeping an eye on futuristic trends and in doing so co-created the award winning Lenormand Revolution deck and iOS app. Her fascination with bird divination and collection oracles inspired the creation of the Magpie Oracle — a way of casting shiny objects for a bright future, while a study in magnetism brought life to Lenormand Lodestones. A seven year stint in Asia gave life to the Nippon Lenormand, and dancing under the new Scorpion moon motivated the Dark Salon Lenormand.

Look to the launch of Carrie's new offering, in 2015, an interactive site that uses the latest technology to align diviners with their personal mission.

Carrie considers herself a global citizen and enjoys dividing her life in California and Europe where she can be found reading the cards along the Mediterranean landscape of her ancestors.

Find her at:

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