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27 hours of instruction!


    The Suit of Wands: The Wand, Ace-5, 6-10, Court Cards
    The Suit of Cups: The Cup, Ace-5, 6-10, Court Cards
    The Suit of Swords: The Sword, Ace-5, 6-10, Court Cards
    The Suit of Pentacles: The Pentacle, Ace-5, 6-10, Court Cards

“I listened the first audio, The Fool. It was absolutely fantastic! What a wonderful way to go deeper and get more insight. This is what I have been searching for to help me take Tarot reading to the next level!
Thank you!”

— Cathy Tigges

victrola GOLDEN OLDIE: The sound quality of these vintage recordings is poor but the material is rich with information.

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NOTE: When you purchase this course, you will receive a .pdf document containing the link to a password-protected page where you may download all the classes in mp3 format.

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