Card Study Classes

These classes go through the deck with a focus on card knowledge and intuitive exercises.

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Court Cards: Advanced Reading Technique - mp3s

Mp3 downloads of the Court Cards: Advanced Reading Techniques course. This course consists of 8 classes with two mp3s per class. Please choose your...
Court Cards: Advanced Reading Technique - mp3s $109.00

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Minor Arcana

27 hours of instruction! Includes: The Suit of Wands: The Wand, Ace-5, 6-10, Court Cards The Suit of Cups: The Cup, Ace-5, 6-10, Court Cards The...
Minor Arcana $169.00

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Major Arcana

Go deep into the mysteries of the Major Arcana! In our signature Tarot School class style, we'll carefully examine the rich meanings, symbols and...
Major Arcana $229.00

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