Teleclass Protocol

Following this simple protocol will help you get the most
from your Tarot Teleclass experience.

How Does it Work?

A teleclass is a 2-hour live and interactive phone conference where many people can call in simultaneously to a central "bridge number" and participate together in a fun, unique and lively learining experience. It's easy, and convenient.

Taking a class on the phone is a little different from live classes. If this is the first time you are taking a teleclass, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the accepted teleclass protocol.

Tips for an Enjoyable Experience:

    Dialing In:

    Before you place your call, if you have call-waiting please disable it by pressing *70 before the bridge number.

    Please call the bridge 5 minutes before the assigned class time. It really helps if everyone enters the "room" and we can start on time. Bridges require at least two people calling simultaneously to "open" and answer your call, so if you're the first one to arrive, you'll hear "hold" music. If that happens, just wait a moment for someone else to join you.

    When you dial into the class, you will hear a conversation going on. If we are chatting informally, you may introduce yourself or wait until we call the roll.

    If you join the call late, we may not interrupt the flow of the class to find out who just joined in, but that that doesn't mean you're not welcome. Simply go with the flow and feel free to participate fully. If there is silence on the line when you call in, the class may be in the middle of a meditative exercise. Just relax until the discussion resumes.

    Noise Control:

    Please call from a quiet location. Background noise, barking dogs, fighting cats, the radio or stereo, dishes, etc., disrupt the class and cause problems editing the audio recordings later on. There will be times when we mute the class, but if you notice any background noise during open conversation segments, please mute your line by pressing *6 (Star-6) on your phone.

    Some people breathe 'heavier' than others. And most of the heavy breathers don't realize it. (Who, ME?) So, we ask you to hold the mouthpiece a bit away from your mouth and nose, unless you are speaking. Also, don't eat, drink or chew gum unless your line is muted. Thank you.

    Also, please do NOT shuffle cards unless specifically requested to do so! We do our best to control background noise by muting the line as much as possible, but this is not a fool-proof system. Card shuffling will seriously disrupt and sometimes obliterate the conversation. If you must draw cards during class, please use a noiseless method of card mixing.

    We will be muting your phone line after the initial chat and roll-call to cut down on echo and background noise. You may un-mute your phone by pressing *6 if you are called on or anytime you have a question or pertinent comment. Please re-mute your phone by pressing *6 again after your exchange. The signal to do so is when Wald says “Thank you.” We truly appreciate your cooperation with this — it makes a big difference to the quality of the recording!

    Sound Quality:

    We request that you do not use Skype or put your phone on "speaker." The sound quality is usually pretty bad and it sometimes causes an echo or static on the line.

    You may experience variations in loudness and clarity on the call. This is due to the different types of phone technology that participants are using. If you are having difficulty hearing the teacher, please let us know; there may be a way to fix the problem.

    Class Participation:

    Teleclasses are interactive! If the class is small, a natural conversational flow will be easy to establish. In larger classes, these two "rules" will help keep the class orderly and useful for everyone:

    1. Whenever you begin to share with the class, please state your name first. Since we can't see you, this helps everyone know who you are.

    2. When asking a question or making a comment, please be respectful of others and keep them brief. We encourage participation because it makes the class valuable and fun for everyone — just be aware of the time contraints of the class.

    Recording the Class:

    You may not record Tarot Teleclasses. The Tarot School records all classes and makes them commercially available to the public. Class members will receive access to the edited mp3s and pdfs of class notes at no additional cost.

    Have Fun!

    This is the most important thing to remember. Here is your chance to connect with other Tarot enthusiasts from the comfort of your own home. The energy and camaraderie from each Tarot Teleclass is great fun!

    We'll "see" you on the phone!

    Bright blessings,
    Ruth Ann & Wald

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