The Readers Studio
April 20–22, 2007

Want a sense of what The Readers Studio is like? Here are some testimonials and reviews from previous events!

2006 Readers StudioReaders Studio Class of 2006
Photo © 2006 Sue Pacillo

Here's what just a few of the attendees had to say
about past Readers Studios:

Last weekend's Readers Studio was a delight for the mind and the heart. Thank you for your commitment, enthusiasm, warmth, and organisational
skills. It was a fabulous experience. — James Wells

Kudos and appreciations, big-time, for your recent Readers Studio event. This was a wonderful weekend, combining an intensive and inspiring learning experience with the camaraderie and fellowship we Tarot folk crave (and benefit from). — Carolyn R. Guss

It was a very intense weekend... with a lot of emphasis on practical ways to improve your readings and expand your tarot work. But there was still plenty of bonding going on within the tribe!... By the time we got back together to revisit our first day readings, the difference between them was pretty impressive. I honestly feel that my sense of the tarot changed significantly this weekend. And I think I have a lot more confidence in myself as a professional, too.... It was a whole room full of awakened hearts, full of love and lots of laughter, and a real sense that what we do can make a difference in people's lives. It was grace. — Rachel Nguyen

I am truly indebted to you as I grew a thousand fold over the weekend.
— David R. Clark

The Readers Studio was wonderful. Stellar job, you two! Thank you so much. — Corrine Kenner

Just wanted to send my thanks for an incredible weekend! It has had a profound effect on both my self and my relationship to tarot. — Kevin Quigley

The Readers Studio was everything I hoped it would be. It seemed, felt that it was an event that will always be remembered. As usual, among Tarotists, there was intelligence, wit and congeniality galore. I hope that others will be joining in on future Readers Studios. — Zoe Maat


Blogs and Reviews

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Visit Corrine Kenner's site for some great Pictures from the 2006 Readers Studio

Corrine Kenner has posted some pictures of her trip to the 2005 Readers Studio on her website here.

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