THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2019

    We're excited to introduce Divination Day to the Readers Studio event calendar!

    This all-day conference on Thursday, April 25th will focus on three alternative kinds of divination. They are fascinating studies all by themselves, but can also be a great complement to your tarot readings.

    Divination Day is meant to introduce you to topics or techniques you may never have tried before. You don't need to know anything about them in advance but if you do, there will still be new things to learn!

    These sessions are taught by leading teachers in each field who are excited to share their passions and bring you their latest discoveries!

    We predict you'll have a wonderful time!

    Three Magical Presentations

    Psychic Lenormand

    Did you know that you are psychic?
    We all are. Yes, you have a special ability and there is no one else that has the same gift as you.

    In this workshop we will have the chance to use Lenormand as a powerful psychic tool to practice, train and expand our own personal psychic gifts.

    This is not a how to read Lenormand class. This is a training class to stretch and enhance your psychic abilities using Lenormand, a tool known for being direct and precise.

    Together we will explore and go down the rabbit hole of your intuitive psychic sphere of possibilities!


    Rana George is the author of the Best Seller and the highly acclaimed The Essential Lenormand: Your Guide to Precise & Practical Fortunetelling, as well as the fabulous new “Rana George Lenormand” deck.

    A respected presence in the modern divination community, Rana leads regular workshops, study groups, presentations, as well as prolonged intensive courses at many acclaimed conferences across the United States, Canada and a handful of overseas countries including China, Egypt and Lebanon.

    For close to 30 years, Rana has been a psychic, counselor, mentor, teacher, medium, and is always a lifelong student. She has done thousands of readings for neighbors and friends, to celebrities and government officials. She has consulted on the design of a number of Lenormand decks, and published several articles on cartomancy.

    Find Rana on: Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, and YouTube
    Website: RanaGeorge.com
    Instagram: @ranageorge1
    Snapchat: ranageorge1

    Divining into the Depths

    As Tarot and divination have gone more mainstream over the past decade, one traditional fortune-telling tool has avoided the new popularity, and seems insistent on not becoming trendy. That old-school tool, the trusty crystal ball, remains mysterious and archaic to most modern mystics, but this scrying method has a long and rich history that spans continents, and can be a fruitful tool for personal meditation, predictive divination, and even connection with spirits.

    In this session, we'll dive into the long history of crystal scrying, explore several different techniques that you can start using immediately, and see how you can incorporate crystal ball readings into your existing practice to deepen your intuitive connection, enhance your sense of peace, and deliver crystal clear insights every time.

    Heatherleigh will be providing a crystal ball kit for each participant to use during this session. In case you fall in love with your crystal ball, they will be available for purchase afterward.


    Heatherleigh Navarre is a psychic medium, ordained minister, and meditation coach, as well as a teacher of tarot, mediumship, and psychic development. She combines her knowledge of tarot, spirit communication, dream interpretation, tea leaves, past life regression and more, to bring a customized approach to every session.

    Heatherleigh owns and operates the Boston Tea Room in Ferndale, Michigan, which has been providing award-winning psychic services for over 30 years.

    She is also the founder of Middlepath Meditation, which provides group meditations and weekly classes, and the co-founder of the Detroit Area Tarot Guild. She lectures and teaches on a variety of topics, throughout southeast Michigan, and across the country.

    Website: bostontearoom.com
    Facebook: Heatherleigh Navarre

    The Art of Casting Miracles

    What if you approached divination as a way of petitioning favor from supernatural beings and in place of cards you used metal charms as navigational markers that map out a life of miracles? Ex-votives, also known as milagros or miracles are small metal objects that mirror the human experience and are traditionally presented as gifts to the divine in thankful reciprocation for favors received.

    In this workshop, we will learn the art of casting milagros with Carrie's latest charm casting kit, Magpie' s Milagros to divine from a place of gratitude while petitioning supernatural support. We will practice casting methods that show how milagros can act as verbal signposts for the supernatural to communicate how we can live a miraculous and auspicious life.

    Each seat at the 2019 Divination Day will have use of a Magpie's Milagros kit and casting scarf to put to the test and make miracles. All levels of learning welcome and encouraged.

    “Carrie Carrie Paris — was in the first class to receive a Masters in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination from the University of Kent, UK. She has indie-authored five Magpie Oracle casting kits, the Relative Tarot, the Legendary Lenormand, Sirens' Song Lenormand and co-created the award winning Lenormand Revolution deck. Carrie has also taught and co-authored with Andrew McGregor a series of popular online courses that explore mediumship and ancestral communication through their casting kits, the Seers Charms and the Charming Dead Oracle. Carrie considers herself a global citizen and enjoys teaching her craft in many countries and online from her home in northern California.

    Find her at:
    carrieparis.com and divinationandmagic.com

    Cocktail Reception

    You are cordially invited to an after-conference cocktail reception, where you'll have a chance to meet the presenters and relax with the other attendees. There will be a cash bar, fruit and fresh veggies, cheeses, hors d'oeuvres — and of course, lots of lively conversation!

    Details, details… Attend Divination Day alone for $240 — or combine it with The Readers Studio and save $100!

    Look to the navigation bar on the left for answers to all your questions about practical matters such as the schedule, hotel, travel, costs (including our payment plan), and the 2019 Readers Studio! (Note: RS19 is sold out. Contact us to be put on the waiting list.)

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