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    If “Tarot 101” at your local metaphysical shop has lost its luster, imagine having your pick of 12 Tarot Study Groups, each one taught by an established or up and coming Tarot expert. Each interactive workshop is a labor of love, so be sure to bring a little extra spending money! (You'll pay the nominal $35 fee per workshop directly to the instructor.)

    The after-hours Study Groups are always a standout and we have some incredible teachers on board for 2018!


    These classes will be held after the cocktail party and are open to all Readers Studio attendees, whether or not you attend the Tarot & Psychology Conference — although we hope you do!

    Projection and the Tarot Outline – Shelley Carter

    Kabbalistic Tarot As A Spiritual Path – Mark Horn

    All You Wanted to Know About Deck Modification:
    Trimming, Edging, Backing, Embellishing – Veronica Jude and Liz Westwater

    How to Manifest Your Beautiful Life with Oracle Cards – Shaheen Miro

    Designing a Two-Hour Lesson or Workshop for Beginning Tarot Students – Cheryl Ryder

    Aligning with the Stars: How to Use Astrology in Your Tarot Readings – Liz Worth


    Crystal Power for Tarot – Mary Ellen Collins

    Have Tarot Will Party – Jenna Matlin

    Connect to Tarot Through an Altered State – Mitchell Osborn

    The TEA w/V: Pour it, Sip it, Spill it — All in One Spread! – V.

    Colors, Key Words & Symbols – Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

    Study Groups meet from 9:00 – 11:00 PM. Look for the sign-up sheets on the registration table Thursday and Friday afternoons. Tuition is $35 payable directly to the Study Group leader (cash or check only) at the time of class.

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How to choose? They all look fascinating!

Attending the first Readers Studio ten years ago was a truly breakthrough experience for me. It was the moment I first realized I knew that I had the chops. It was also the place in the third year that I spontaneously created the Tossing Tarot technique. It is impossible for me to express the scope of this event's impact on my work with this wonderful medium — the Tarot. You both rock! — Kevin