Breakfast Roundtables

    At The Readers Studio, the festivities always last late into the night, and that's part of the fun! Nonetheless, we realize that not everyone is a night owl, and early birds need love too.

    Corrine Kenner hosted the first Readers Studio Breakfast Roundtable at RS06 and they've become more and more popular each year.

    On Saturday and Sunday mornings, you can purchase your breakfast for $20 at the hotel's breakfast buffet (or grab lighter fare at the Starbucks in the lobby) and bring it to the ballroom — or just come and sit in on the discussions.

    This year's hosts are…

    “V.” V. is the Intuitive Mistress behind RedLight Readings and is also known as the “Tarot BFF” for her down-to-earth, straight-shot, no chaser guidance where she serves “Clari-TEA” hot and with no-holds-barred.

    She reads professionally and teaches Tarot and Lenormand classes at the Boston Tea Room in Ferndale, MI, is a guest Tarotscope contributor for “Siobhan's Mirror,” and has also been featured on various media outlets.

    Being a full-time Speech and Language Pathologist, Mom, and Hoopdance Performer, V. has mastered the art of A.D.D. – All Day Divining. Using Tarot to achieve a divine work/life balance has allowed her to learn and love her craft as well as create a life of enchanted empowerment.

    V. can be found laughing, slinging cards, and having all types of mystical fun all over the net.

    “Millennials & Monarchs: Bridging the Gap between ‘New Bees’ and Older Hive Traditions” will be the topic of V's Saturday morning Breakfast Roundtable.

    With the popularity of tarot and tarot readings rising from the shadows of hushed “back rooms” and quiet conversations, to the front lines of mainstream magazines and social media outlets, now is a prime time to discuss the integration of two very different generations to foster a more diverse and mutually inclusive tarot community.

    Join V. as she creates a lively discussion of how to merge a reverence for “old world divination” culture with that of a modern mainstream practice (that includes sarcasm and selfies, lol) to promote self-actualization as well as clear guidance for clients. Beginner and experienced tarot readers are welcome to open up about the victories and challenges of balancing the scale when it comes to being a “Reader for the Ages.“

    Check her out here:

    Jaymi Elford Jaymi Elford lives a tarot inspired life. A deck is always close at hand. She believes tarot is a perfect companion to help explore the world we live in. The author of the Triple Goddess Tarot continues to study, write, and create tarot innovation from her home in Portland, Oregon. She's been published with Lo Scarabeo, The Cartomancer, The Tarosophist, and Megalithica Books.

    As the co-host of Tarot Visions, she explores the cartomancy world with Rose Red Robinson. She's also slightly addicted to teaching at conventions like PantheaCon, BATS, Readers Studio, and the Northwest Tarot Symposium.

    Jaymi will lead a discussion entitled “The Deck of Changes”

    There's a lot of upheaval in the world these days: climate change, political, and social unrest are among the hot topics we're all facing today. The global stage brings challenges and changes that affect us all.

    In this Breakfast Roundtable, Jaymi will lead a discussion around the question: How can tarot be used as a tool to promote great change in the world? Come bring your ideas and your personal stories around this topic. Let's come up with some ways to dialogue about the bigger issues facing us all, and see how we can use our tarot as a tool to alter the course of global society.

    Visit Jaymi's website at to learn more about her.

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