The Merchant Faire

    The Ever-Popular Merchant Faire Returns!

    The Merchant Faire always boasts an amazing selection of merchants and goodies from the Tarot community and this year is no exception! And to keep the feeling of community humming, we're all in the ballroom. Come ready to shop-'til-you-drop with…

    Ryan Edward — Inset is the studio where Ryan Edward plays in the crossroads of design and magic. Enjoy cards carefully crafted by hand, zines, or other magical miscellany including special limited edition prints of the 2018 Readers Studio poster art!

    Ryan Edward designed the fabulous poster for RS18!

    The Readers Studio: April 27-29, 2018 — 3 days of intense Tarot learning and fun for Tarot Enthusiasts! Plus an all-day Tarot & Psychology conference on Thursday, April 26th. Produced by The Tarot School.

    Robert M. Place — As a well known author and deck designer, Bob will be selling copies of his books and Tarot decks, including his newest decks the Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery, the 4th edition of his classic Alchemical Tarot, along with the new updated companion book, and the Marziano Tarot.

    He will also have his New York Lenormand, The Hermes Playing Card Oracle, a catalog of his Tarot exhibition from the Craft and Folk Art Museum in LA. He will have prints of his art, and handmade sterling silver jewelry of his own design. He will have copies of the Burning Serpent Oracle that he conceived of along with Rachel Pollack, and copies of Rachel's companion book for the deck; as well as their latest project, The Raziel Tarot Major Arcana.

    Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
    — are a husband-and-wife creative team whose many best-selling books and kits have sold millions of copies worldwide. Amy is an internationally renowned artist known for her NEA award-winning visionary tapestry collage artwork. Monte's expert insightful approach to spirituality and the Tarot encourages readers to trust their own intuitions and make their dreams come true.

    They are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of The Enchanted Tarot and the 30th Anniversary of Karma Cards and will have an array of their creations, including books and cards, jewelry, bags, scarves, artwear, and more at the Merchant Faire!

    Rachel Pollack
    — Everyone in tarot knows that Rachel is one of our Grand Dames, but as well as writing and teaching, she is a visual artist, creator of the Shining Tribe Tarot, and a creator of Spirit Necklaces, made with pendants from around the world—including sterling silver Kabbalistic talismans, gemstones from Afghanistan and other places, New Zealand symbols of spiritual growth, reproductions of Ancient Greek coins, images of leopards from Africa, and many others. These are then matched with precious and semi-precious stone beads. As well as the necklaces, Rachel will be selling the Shining Tribe Art Deck, archival print copies of all the original art plus five extra cards.

    Paula Chaffee Scardamalia
    — Paula is a book coach, editor, and dream and tarot intuitive who offers her custom-blended essential oil sprays and roll-ons for creativity and dream and intuitive work. Also for sale will be her handmade wands, luxurious handwoven scarves, unique reading cloths, her award-winning book, Weaving a Woman's Life: Spiritual Lessons from the Loom, and her MP3, The Tower in the Woods: Dreaming Your Creativity Awake.

    Ciro Marchetti — is a professional designer and illustrator whose work has been licensed and reproduced worldwide. Over the last 15 years he has also produced several of the most popular contemporary decks Including the Gilded Tarot, Legacy of the Divine Tarot, Tarot of Dreams, Gilded Reverie Lenormand, Fin de Sieclé Kipper and Oracle of Visions. At the Readers Studio he will be offering copies of his latest special edition Tarot Grand Luxe, along with a variety of themed reading cloths and signed prints with augmented reality features.

    Carrie Paris and Andrew McGregor — Carrie Paris, creator of the Relative Tarot, Siren's Song Lenormand and Magpie Oracle kits will be unveiling her newest deck and casting kit at RS18!

    Joining Carrie will be Andrew McGregor of the Hermit's Lamp, author of Simply Learn Tarot and Tarot of You, maker of Andrew's Amazing Alleged Magical Baths, Calm Your Sh%t Down Teas and more!

    Come to their Table of Magical Supplies for jewels with intentions, charms, potions, decks, books, art and all of their newest creations.

    Monica Bodirsky
    — This year she will be bringing the limited edition, House of Shadows Oracle as well as prints of her upcoming tarot deck. She is the author and artist of both editions of the Lucky Lenormand Oracle, and has her work regularly shown in galleries and published on book covers. The founder of Toronto's WITCHfest North Festival in October, she also worked as a tarot consultant for films “At Risk” and “The Front”, and as the editor of a small Native Canadian newspaper. When not in her studio, she offers mentorship, and teaches art and design at OCAD University in Toronto. She is currently working on her second deck.

    Born in Budapest, Hungary, Clara Aich received her Master's in Fine Arts degree in Photography at Vienna's prestigious Graphic and Research Institute. During her distinguished career, professional assignments in many exotic locales, from Africa to India and Indonesia, inspired her to explore and portray a diverse range of vibrant subjects ranging from flamenco, graffiti and evocative travelogue, to esoteric forms of divination. As a passionate artist, Clara has a long history of pursuing artistic and creative projects. Long fascinated by diverse means of fortune telling in different cultures, she dedicated herself to constructing a living Tarot based on the classic origins and rich symbolism of the traditional Tarot d'Marseille. Clara lives and works in a historic brownstone townhouse studio in New York City.

    Sheilaa Hite's Tarot Circle
    Sheilaa Hite's Tarot Circle
    — Among the Tarot- and Astrology-related goodies we will have for sale: Sheilaa's books and unique Tarot totes, bags and clothing; Louise and Ralston Edwards' Tarot artwork and unique keepsakes.

    Judy Nathan
    — Judy will be back with the 2018 version of her fabulous tarot bags, unique jewellery and those oh so popular, juicy Goddess Bracelets and Necklaces!

    Heather Mendel — Kabbalah, Tarot and The Sacred Feminine? Really? Really! Please stop at 'A Word of Art' and say hello to Heather Mendel at the 2018 Merchant Faire. What better venue could there possibly be in which to introduce her new 'hot-off-the-press' 2018 deck, The Magic Moon Lenormand?

    In addition to her kaleidoscopic mandala cards and posters, her earlier books, Towards Freedom and Dancing In The Footsteps of Eve will be available, as well as the internationally popular Syzygy Oracle: Transformational Tarot and the Tree of Life, The Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle and The Sacred Mandala Tarot: Mystery, Magic, Mindfulness and Manifestation. Her work, in images and words, offers a portal into the intuitive realm that enriches and empowers daily experience.

    Becky Wong, a young tarot reader from China P.R. will come to New York with her products of oriental poetic studio.

    Estrella Studio will bring personal customized magic products to this year's Readers Studio. Many beautiful handcrafted crystal chains and energy orgonites made by Becky will be on display. “I believe they can give you a different experience of crystal art spirit.”

    CollecTarot is a great source for unique and vintage Tarot cards and sets--specializing in Limited Edition decks from small, international publishers.

    With an emphasis on historical reproductions, Collectarot also features timeless works from Malpertuis, Meneghello, Editions Sivilixi, Rinascemento Italian Art, Pablo Robledo and more.

    Red Feather Mind, Body, Spirit  — is an imprint of Schiffer Publishing and producer of high quality Tarot/Oracle decks and games. Red Feather MBS will be displaying and selling new projects such as:

    Tarot Tracker by Angelo Nasios, Guardian Tarot by Beth Seilonen, Spirit Within Tarot by Steven Bright as well as perennial favorites such as The Mary-El Tarot by Marie White, The High Deck: A New Universe of Symbols by Arthur and Wald Amberstone, and many more!

    Visit our table to browse, pick up a catalog to take home with you or even talk about your book or deck idea. Red Feather Mind, Body, Spirit is always looking for innovative writers and creators who are passionate about Divination and other Mind, Body, Spirit topics. If you are interested in pre-ordering any of our products please contact Chris McClure at and he will be happy to help you with your order.

    The Tarot Garden — There's nothing like oohing and ahhing over your deck wish list in person, which is why The Tarot Garden table is forever a favorite at The Readers Studio. Rest assured, they'll be back this year with a generous selection of popular, imported, small press, limited edition, out-of-print, and rare beauties. One of the perks of being an RS attendee is if you order early, Jeannette will bring your goodies along so you don't have to wait for your package in the mail! (Just send her an email as the date gets closer.) Jeannette is so knowledgable about tarot decks, visiting the Tarot Garden table is like having an extra class!

    The Tarot School  — Looking to round out your tarot library? Be sure to stop by The Tarot School table for a great selection of books, including a large section of “Green Dot Books” for $10. Since many authors attend Readers Studio, you can get them autographed, too!

    Tarot School educational programs are always a favorite, and they are available to Readers Studio attendees as fully-loaded flash drives. You'll also find a generous selection of custom-designed totes, tarot bags and more, which you'll find nowhere else.

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