Correspondence Course Degree Program Guidelines

How Does it Work?

The Tarot School Correspondence Course Degree Program is both simple and elegant. It consists of the work itself.

All you need to do is demonstrate that you have carefully and conscientiously done all the exercises contained in the lessons. This is done by submitting a written record of every exercise in every lesson, according to our guidelines.

When you have done this, we will know that your experience of tarot has expanded and deepened to such an extent that you will truly have earned your degree. Nothing else is required.

No prior experience with tarot is necessary to fully benefit from this program. However, experienced tarotists will also find it both challenging and rewarding.

Content Guidelines

1) Each lesson contains several exercises. These are printed in Bold type and preceded by the phrase "Do this:" There are a number of exercises which are not prefaced by the phrase "Do this," but the guidelines apply to them as well.

2) Some are clearly intended to be done in written form. Simply follow the instructions given. Some are regular, repeated, formal exercises, some are spreads, and some are psychological, magickal, meditative or contemplative techniques. Submit a written record of your experience of each exercise, and include the following in each case unless otherwise specified:

A) What You Did - a complete description of how you actually performed the exercise.

B) What You Felt and Observed - a detailed account of your inner experience and process while performing the exercise.

C) What You Learned - what did you learn from the exercise about yourself, the cards, human nature, tarot symbolism, or technique?

D) What Stayed With You - any lasting or long-term effects of the exercise.

E) What Caught Your Attention - comments, questions and insights generated by the exercise.

Format Guidelines

Every exercise record must conform to the following format guidelines:

1) All work, without exception, must be typed or computer-generated. Use double-spacing throughout with 12-point type. Use a typeface chosen for readability. Do not use a cursive or decorative typeface.

2) Exercise records must be submitted in the order the exercises appear in each lesson.

3) Each exercise record must be a minimum of one page and a maximum of five pages in length. When a single exercise covers several cards at once, treat each card as a separate exercise that must conform to minimum and maximum length requirements.

4) Each separate exercise record must begin on a new sheet. Do not run two exercises together on the same page.

5) Use 1-inch top, bottom, right and left margins on all pages.

6) Centered at the top of the first page of each exercise, put the correct name of the exercise, which will be printed in italics the first time it appears in the course.

7) In the upper left corner of the first page of each lesson, put the lesson number, and your personal contact information (name, telephone # and email address).

8) In the upper right-hand corner of every page, put the page number. Number all pages consecutively from the beginning of each lesson to the end. Begin the coursework for each lesson with "Page 1."

9) Use flush-left, ragged-right line format throughout.

Submission Guidelines

1) You may enter the Degree Program when you first enroll in the course for a total price of $1195. Or you may choose to upgrade any time after beginning the $195 stand-alone course for an additional $1000.

2) Enrollment in the Degree Program is a commitment. The cost of the program is non-refundable, but you may take as long as you need to complete it.

3) Lessons are evaluated one at a time. The work from each lesson must be approved before submitting the work for the next lesson. Begin by submitting for review the exercises from Lesson One, even if you are further along in the course. Please email your lessons to The preferred format is a .pdf file but a Word document is also acceptable. (Please do not submit your coursework in any other format. Thanks!)

5) Wald will review your coursework with you in a personal telephone coaching session, which will be arranged after your work has been evaluated. Each session lasts approximately an hour. Coaching sessions via email are not possible. You may be required to modify or redo your first attempt at the exercises and resubmit them before they receive final approval. The work from each lesson must be approved before submitting work from subsequent lessons. To prevent common time-consuming errors in your Lesson One coursework, email us when you receive your first lesson to schedule an introductory coaching session before you begin.

Submitting coursework from one lesson at a time, and having this work approved after consultation and coaching, guarantees that you fulfill the degree program requirements as you go, with a minimum of fuss, miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Candidate and Degree Levels

To mark your progress on the long path of the Correspondence Course Degree Program, we will award you a certificate of achievement three times before you receive your degree.

1) After your coursework from Lesson Three has been completed and approved, you will receive a Level I Degree Candidate certificate.

2) When your coursework from Lesson Six has been approved, you will receive a Level II Degree Candidate certificate.

3) Approval of Lesson Nine coursework will earn you a Level III Degree Candidate certificate.

4) Finally, when your coursework from Lesson Eleven has been approved, you will receive your degree.

5) When you have earned your degree, you will be invited to begin work on the next degree program level which consists of Lesson Twelve and additional work. This advanced degree program is specially tailored to each person who takes it and will confer additional degrees.

Each Candidate and Degree Level celebrates a real achievement of which you can be justly proud. The Tarot School keeps permanent records of your progress, and will officially affirm, with its full faith and confidence, the consistent excellence and high order of your studies in tarot.

Is the Degree Program for You?

The Degree Program is, of course, optional for Correspondence Course students. The course can be enjoyed for its own sake without doing this additional work.

But the program is a powerful teaching tool all by itself. Its secret is that it is the deepest level of work with the course. It makes you look at both the material and yourself with enough intensity to create real growth, so much so, that a genuine transformation is possible by the time it is completed. This means that the program must be a challenge that extends your limits. Easy it cannot be, and easy it is not. That is its true value.

The Tarot School Correspondence Course Degree Program is not for everyone, just as the course itself is not for everyone. Both those who enroll, and those who don't, choose themselves. We hope these guidelines will help you make that decision. Whatever your choice in this matter, we wish you the greatest good fortune and delight in your continuing adventure with tarot.

Bright blessings,

Wald & Ruth Ann Amberstone
Directors, The Tarot School

How To Enroll

You can enroll in the correspondence course with or without the degree program. Every lesson will include thorough notes on interpretation and all the symbolism in both Major and Minor Arcana cards, plus spreads, esoterica and additional exercises. Plus you'll receive two superb audio courses with workbooks which add to and complement the written material. At only $1195 including the degree program or $195 without it, The Tarot School Correspondence Course is a comprehensive yet affordable education in tarot!

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