Live Classes FAQ

The Tarot School has been created to give you a rich and continuous education in the many facets of tarot, while having fun with kindred spirits of a like mind.

Following are the answers to some frequently asked questions about our Monday evening classes:

What deck should I use?Universal Waite deck

For many of our exercises we use the Universal Waite or Rider-Waite-Smith deck. This is so that everyone can be looking at the same thing. For readings and many of the tarot techniques you may use any deck you like.

How much is tuition?

$20 per class.
We accept cash, checks and credit cards (Visa/MC/Amex/Discover).

What about holidays?

Check our School Calendar to see when we are and aren't holding class.

How long will it take me to learn to do readings?

That largely depends on you. Some people pick it up right away while others take longer. Personal work with the cards, outside of class time, certainly helps. We present techniques that should get you started pretty quickly. However, tarot is an extremely rich subject which offers the opportunity of a lifetime's worth of study if you are so inclined.

Is taking The Tarot School Correspondence Course required?

No. Students have a wide variety of reasons for coming to The Tarot School. Some are just curious, some enjoy the company and high energy of working with a group, and some are deeply interested in learning as much as they can about tarot and about themselves. For these people, we recommend the Correspondence Course as an adjunct to their studies with us, as it goes into a depth of detail that we do not have time to cover in class.

Enroll in the Course.

Do you offer Credentials?

A Tarot School Degree is available for those who wish to pursue a rigorous course of study. This is is an internal diploma which marks and celebrates the degree of change in a student. For more information about our degree program, click here.

Do you offer any instruction or events in addition to class?

Intensives in a variety of subjects are open to all our students. Details will be discussed in class prior to each event. We also offer Teleclasses. These are conducted entirely on the telephone and are open to everyone.

Are the instructors available for private readings?

Yes. Please call 800-804-2184 for an appointment.