Pain-Free Astrology for Tarot Readers

A Special Weekend Intensive

How many times have you been tantalized and frustrated by a long list of astrological correspondences in a tarot book? Scorpio goes with the Death card, the Wheel Of Fortune and Jupiter have something to do with each other… there must be something to it, yet your eyes glaze over long before you reach the end…

Help is on the way! In this once-a-year weekend intensive, you'll delve into tarot's deep and special connections with astrology.

You'll learn:

    The hidden source of the astrological attributions of every card, from the Majors to the Minors to the Tarot Court: what they are, why they are there, and how to use them.

    The “secret link” between astrology, tarot and the wheel of the year.

    How to predict the “life cycles” of your clients' issues with uncanny accuracy.

    How to use symbols to break through “reader's block.”

You'll know:

    When things will happen.

    The natural energy signature of events and the people who make them happen.

    How long things will last and what they will turn into next.

You'll also get a 24-page workbook that you'll fill in during the intensive. These “hand to pen to paper” exercises will quickly fix this material in your mind. When you're done, you'll have a handy set of detailed practical notes and a great foundation for future study, too.

If you know some tarot but you're a newcomer to astrology, this intensive will introduce you to a fascinating art and a vital part of your tarot education. If you're a seasoned astrologer with an interest in tarot, we're sure that you've never heard anything like this before!

Either way, come and join us for a weekend of rare and valuable knowledge.

Dates: Saturday & Sunday, January 14 – 15
Time: 11am – 6pm
Location: Forest Hills location (supplied upon registration)
Tuition: $250 for the weekend

Call to Register: 800-804-2184