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3 of PentaclesThe Tarot School was founded in 1995 as a place to get an ongoing education in tarot — beyond the weekend workshop, the 6-week course or books. But what exactly is an "education in tarot?"

More than the skills you'll acquire, more than the mysteries of a great tradition that you'll learn, the study of tarot is really a study of yourself — the way you see and interact with the world and the people you meet.

Tarot is a window through which you can learn to see the future. It is a mirror that deeply and accurately reflects your feelings, thoughts, dreams and aspirations. It is a compass that can help guide you through the landscape of your life. The more you understand about the cards, the richer your world becomes.

The more you know about yourself, the more powerful a reader you become and the more help you can be to others. At The Tarot School, an education in tarot is a continuous education in practical, powerful self-knowledge.

Which card describes you best?

We're delighted your interest in tarot has led you to The Tarot School, and welcome you to explore our website. We admit that because there's so much to choose from, finding the best place to start may seem a little daunting at first. So take a look at the tarot cards below, find the card or cards that describe you best, and read our suggestions on where to begin:

The Hermit

I'm a serious seeker. Eventually, I may share my tarot knowledge but for now, I prefer to study alone or in a one-to-one relationship with my teacher. I enjoy taking my time.

3 of Cups

I'm happiest when learning is fun and communal. I find the company of others stimulating, and I like studying with kindred spirits who could become personal friends.


The Wheel of Fortune

I'm a voracious reader. If information about tarot can be found on a printed page or computer screen then I'm a happy camper. I often enjoy taking classes or going to events but I learn best by reading.

7 of Cups

I crave variety! Orchestrating my learning experience with a little of this and a little of that is what brings me joy. I prefer to study two or more approaches at the same time.


The Moon

I just love getting readings! Tarot readings really help me unravel the mystery of myself and provide a roadmap to this often confusing world. Even though I can usually make my own decisions, I appreciate the insight and perspective a tarot reading can give me.

"We look forward to sharing the adventure of tarot with you!"


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